The Uncertainty Mindset 2019-2020

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uncertainty mindset

Vaughn Tan22nd January 2021 at 1:56pm

The big one! But simples nonetheless. The uncertainty mindset consists of explicitly acknowledging that the situation and future are not fully knowable in advance. This acknowledgment changes how you perceive the world and act on those perceptions. The uncertainty mindset is trainable, and it makes individuals, teams, and organizations more innovative, adaptable, and resilient—much better than the risk mindset which is unfortunately both ubiquitous and totally unsuited to situations of uncertainty.

See also: delusion, goal-setting, knowability, long-term view, motivation, open-endedness, precautionary principle, preference uncertainty, productive discomfort, quality, realistic imagination, self-therapy, stacking the deck, strategy, the work of uncertainty, value, voluntary uncertainty.