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#49: The work of uncertainty

Vaughn Tan4th January 2021 at 4:43pm

This issue is about the type of work which is already valuable and will become more valuable in the future—this is the work of uncertainty, which requires continual adaptation and innovation. The work of uncertainty is done by startups, R&D teams, or the senior leadership teams of companies facing uncertain business environments, and it is not risky work.

To create employees, teams, and organizations that can do this type of work requires a commitment to open-endedness in how roles are defined and how they evolve.

Open-ended roles create uncertainty in roles, while negotiated joining creates uncertainty in how roles develop. Uncertainty in roles and how they develop is what allows and motivates people and teams to continually adapt and innovate. this process of continual change is how they become able to do the valuable work of uncertainty.

Open-endedness dramatically changes hiring ... but also goal-setting, and motivation—it's a strategy driven by the uncertainty mindset and one that is appropriate for uncertain futures.

You can find it here: #49: The work of uncertainty