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#6: Stacking the deck

Vaughn Tan3rd January 2021 at 3:32pm

This issue is a bunch of fragments about:

  1. The uncertainty of low-intervention wine, which arises from a different way of thinking about what kind of control can and should be exerted over the process of growing and making wine. Specifically, instead of deterministic control, low-intervention wine focuses on stacking the deck or creating conditions under which directionally desirable outcomes are more likely—a kind of maintenance by design. Also happens to make this kind of wine more sustainable.
  2. Large, established, legacy organizations (dinosaurganizations) which live off and depend on the certainty of built-up stocks of intellectual property or other forms of exploitable capital ... until their environments change enough to wipe them out. These organizations invariably find it hard to adopt the uncertainty mindset, even though that's probably the only thing that can prevent them from eventually going extinct.
  3. Expeditionary archaeology and how information loss is a source of uncertainty—partial information recovery can create uncertainty but also be an opportunity for new meaning-making.
  4. Some related book recommendations.

You can find it here: #6: Stacking the deck