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#29: Ambient uncertainty, Part 3

vaughn2nd January 2021 at 3:32pm

This issue is Part 3 in a series about ambient uncertainty—intentionally creating manageable, low-level uncertainty as a sort of personal training regimen for cultivating the uncertainty mindset.

I describe in a bit more detail how uncertainty can be injected into pizza-making by changing the type of flour used in the dough—specifically, by using flour stone-ground from population wheats which are inherently and unpredictably diverse, change unpredictably from harvest to harvest, and are suited for more sustainable regenerative agriculture.

Choosing to work with these kinds of flours requires relinquishing control—in the form of the expectation of predictability in how the dough will behave. This is a way to create ambient, low-stakes, voluntary uncertainty that may build habits that ease inevitable confrontations with more serious and involuntary uncertainty. This in turn creates a more productive relationship with the state of not-knowing. It also increases the likelihood that a distinctive style will emerge.

You can find it here: #29: Ambient uncertainty, Part 3