The Uncertainty Mindset 2019-2020

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#5: Cool-climate oceanside

Vaughn Tan22nd January 2021 at 2:01pm

This issue is a bunch of vaguely related fragments about:

  1. How mindsets involve specific configurations of assumptions, attention, and interpretation,
  2. How the uncertainty mindset is simply acknowledging that the world and the future are both uncertain—that neither can be known completely and in advance. This is not the same thing as being uncertain.
  3. How having the uncertainty mindset changes how people live. In particular, people with this mindset not only prepare for things to change but proactively act to change things unpredictably (which is a form of self-therapy and forcing function to prepare for uncertain futures),
  4. How businesses are increasingly facing uncertainty (not risk) and what people can do to lead with the uncertainty mindset.

You can find it here: #5: Cool-climate oceanside