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#41: Surrendering control

vaughn2nd January 2021 at 3:09pm

This issue is about how I resisted producing and sharing work-in-progress on my book for almost a decade out of a pathological and irrational fear of criticism, even though writing clearly improves thinking. This dumb hangup naturally delayed the book's publication, though other issues with the publishing industry also contributed to this.

I then expand on the idea of using a self-imposed forcing function (like writing a newsletter) as a method of self-therapy to get over this dumb self-imposed roadblock. The second half of this issue is a working version of an article I wrote for the Yak Collective, an amorphous organization, on the benefits of surrendering control in ways that are carefully designed to force organizations over the obstacle posed by a fear of failure—an instance of what I've come to call desperation by design.

You can find it here: #41: Surrendering control